SHEIN Wish List

12:48Limonada Fashion

1-GO TO ARTICLE #1 Pearl Beading Trumpet Sleeve Plaid Top

2- GO TO ARTICLE #2 Pearl Beaded Layered Ruffle Sleeve Jumper

3-  GO TO ARTICLE #3 Tassel Design Raglan Sleeve Sweater

4- GO TO ARTICLE #4 Houndstooth Bakerboy Hat

5- GO TO ARTICLE #5 Dip Hem Frill Layered Shirt

6- GO TO ARTICLE #6 Surplice Front Dolphin Hem Belted Plaid Dress

7- GO TO ARTICLE #7 Green Iridescent Long Sleeve Sequin Bodycon Dress

8- GO TO ARTICLE #8 Fringe Edge Tweed Dungaree Dress

9- GO TO ARTICLE #9 Contrast Binding Bow Tie Wrap Skirt

10- GO TO ARTICLE #10 Star Patch Faux Leather Skirt

11- GO TO ARTICLE #11 Mesh Overlay Pleated Velvet Skirt

12- GO TO ARTICLE #12 Pearl Detail Ripped Raw Cut Hem Skirt

13- GO TO ARTICLE #13 Ribbon Tie Waist Pleated Velvet Skirt

14- GO TO ARTICLE #14 Tape Button Side Pants

15- GO TO ARTICLE #15 Super Flare Pants

16- GO TO ARTICLE #16 Notch Collar Plaid Blazer

17-  GO TO ARTICLE #17 Gingham Design Block Heeled Ankle Boots

18- GO TO ARTICLE #18 Faux Pearl Block Heeled Ankle Boots

19- GO TO ARTICLE #19 Faux Pearl Slip On Plimsolls

20- GO TO ARTICLE #20 Lace Up Zipper Back Transparent Heels

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